Friday, March 5

Jobs jobs jobs 

Wilson's just great today reporting on Kerry's jobs speech. She adds details on what Bush has forecast for job growth before she adds the empty quote from the Bushcamp.

Monday, March 1

Life on the press plane 

Wilson's take on the complex Kerry, who's not just an "aloof" blueblood, who "can wander into linguistic thickets".

She touches on the key element of his campaign strategy, the fact that he plays ball with the bored, cynical journalists on the campaign plane.

"The New Englander is not always easy to pigeonhole as aloof. On his campaign plane, Kerry does sometimes sit alone, quietly playing the guitar, reading or sleeping.

At other times, he joins the traditional game of airplane bocce -- rolling oranges up and down the aisle as the chartered Boeing 727 ascends.

At a refueling stop in Indianapolis on Saturday, the decorated Vietnam War veteran donned a battered brown bomber jacket with patches from his days as a Navy lieutenant who commanded Swift boats and headed to the tarmac to throw around a football with staff and reporters.

Although he has campaigned on his combat record, Kerry rarely discusses his personal experiences at any length, especially in public. "

But on a ferry in San Francisco Bay, he pointed out Treasure Island, recalling it was his first Navy posting. Turning to the city skyline, he said he spent the evening before he shipped out to Vietnam at the Top of the Mark, a posh bar atop a downtown hotel with a panoramic view.

"This was my last night of freedom," he said. "Great memories."

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